Dr. Edward A. Ricci Middle School

51 Intervale Avenue, North Providence, RI 02911
Phone: (401) 233-1170 | Fax: (401) 232-5421

Principal:  Thomas Mellen

Assistant Principal:

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From the Nurse

Welcome to another year at the Dr. E. A. Ricci Middle School!  I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.  I’m Mrs. Gasparri, the school’s Nurse/Teacher.  It is my job to keep the students and staff safe and healthy.  In order to do that, I need your help.

If your child is out sick with a communicable disease, has a new medical problem, or starts a medication which may interfere with his or her school work, please call me.  This information is important to us and can help us ensure your child will receive the attention he or she may need.  I am in the school everyday from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Stop by or call any time you have a question or concern. The telephone number is 233-1170.



All students need to provide the nurse with a copy of their most recent physical examination and immunizations. Even though you go to the doctor every year most doctors don’t give you a copy of the shots and check-up unless you request it. This information is required by the Department of Health to be in your child’s health record. Students who want to participate in any type of sport at Birchwood are required to have a Health Record. Most students coming from the elementary school only have their kindergarten physicals on file from initial registration. Please send a fax or bring in your child’s physical for the start of school in September.


Dental Cards

Documentation from the dentist is also required for your child’s health record.


If for any reason your child will need to take any type of medication the doctor needs to fill out a medication authorization form. This is required for all medication, even Tylenol.

Epi-Pens & Inhalers

If your child has an allergy that requires and EPI-PEN, we must have an EPI-PEN at school. Children with asthma who need inhalers need to have them in school with the doctors written orders.

Peanut Allergies

We have students in the school who have severe peanut allergies. We have a peanut free table as well as a NUT table in the cafeteria. We would like to suggest not packing anything that contains nuts in your child’s lunch. If they do have anything with NUTS in their lunch they need to sit at the NUT table and make sure they wash their hands after they eat. This is very important and needs to be followed to insure the safety of our children.

To Parents of Student Athletes

Dear Parent of a North Providence Student Athlete:

Enclosed below is a Report of Physical Examination form providing medical clearance by your child’s doctor for your child participates in any of the North Providence School Department’s athletic programs. In keeping with nationally recommended medical standards designed to insure a child’s health and safety, the school department strongly recommends that every child annually visit his/her own doctor for a general medical history review, a medical examination and any and all prescribed screening tests and immunizations.


School Nurse
Mrs. Gasparri
Phone: 233-1170

Available from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM on school days.



Goal: To Improve Student Achievement in all Areas


  • To continue the use of a schoolwide “Thinking Maps” program to increase our students’ ability to organize and communicate their thinking across disciplines.  Teachers and students will complete a twelve-week rollout plan starting each September.
  • Students and teachers will utilize Chromebooks on a daily basis in blended learning classrooms to increase student achievement through rigorous content specific lessons and activities.
  • Students and teachers will use “Renaissance Accelerated Reader” and “Accelerated Math” to improve math and literacy skills across grade levels.
  • Teachers will utilize content planning periods to analyze formative and summative assessment data in order to improve teaching and learning.  
  • To continue to implement our HOPS (Homework, Organization & Planning Skills) program to increase our students’ planning and organizational skills.
Goal: Ongoing Professional Development for Staff


  • To provide professional development on blended/personalized learning and technology integration
  • To provide professional development on “Thinking Maps.”
  • To provide professional development on “Renaissance Accelerated Reader” and “Accelerated Mathematics.”
Goal: Forge Partnerships with Parents & Community

Communicate and partner with parents and other members of the community to prepare our students to be responsible and engaged citizens.  


  • Hold monthly parent council meetings
  • Develop a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
  • Foster relationships with local businesses that specialize in areas that would benefit our mechatronics program
Middle school Student Handbook 19.20