Dr. Edward A. Ricci Middle School

51 Intervale Avenue, North Providence, RI 02911
Phone: (401) 233-1170 | Fax: (401) 232-5421

Principal:  Thomas Mellen

Assistant Principal:

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Welcome to Ricci Middle School

They’re learning how contribution and teamwork can strengthen partnerships and relationships, and how they can impact their own neighborhood and town through community service. We show students that while they are young, they have the ability to be changemakers. Ricci students are the next inventors, authors, engineers, philanthropists, technicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. We provide them the tools, resources, instruction, and guidance needed to start accomplishing their dreams.

We Believe:

All students have the capacity to learn and retain information that will make them productive citizens in the 21st-century in a student-centered educational program that demands rigor, excellence, and strong communication skills; in recognizing and adapting to the needs of our students; in ongoing evaluation of our teaching in order to ensure we are providing our students with the best education possible; in fostering and promoting literacy across all disciplines; in an educational program that prepares students for higher education and the global demands of the 21st-century; and that collaboration and communication among students, teachers, administration, and community members is essential in building relationships and meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Goal: To Improve Student Achievement in all Areas


  • To continue the use of a schoolwide “Thinking Maps” program to increase our students’ ability to organize and communicate their thinking across disciplines.  Teachers and students will complete a twelve-week rollout plan starting each September.
  • Students and teachers will utilize Chromebooks on a daily basis in blended learning classrooms to increase student achievement through rigorous content specific lessons and activities.
  • Students and teachers will use “Renaissance Accelerated Reader” and “Accelerated Math” to improve math and literacy skills across grade levels.
  • Teachers will utilize content planning periods to analyze formative and summative assessment data in order to improve teaching and learning.  
  • To continue to implement our HOPS (Homework, Organization & Planning Skills) program to increase our students’ planning and organizational skills.
Goal: Ongoing Professional Development for Staff


  • To provide professional development on blended/personalized learning and technology integration
  • To provide professional development on “Thinking Maps.”
  • To provide professional development on “Renaissance Accelerated Reader” and “Accelerated Mathematics.”
Goal: Forge Partnerships with Parents & Community

Communicate and partner with parents and other members of the community to prepare our students to be responsible and engaged citizens.  


  • Hold monthly parent council meetings
  • Develop a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
  • Foster relationships with local businesses that specialize in areas that would benefit our mechatronics program
Middle school Student Handbook 19.20